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T-Ball / A Softball

Ages 5-6

This program is geared toward teaching sound softball fundamentals, such as proper throwing, fielding and batting techniques in a casual environment. This is your child’s first opportunity to hit a pitched softball or use a hitting T. An adult pitcher will underhand pitch to your child. A 9” safety (squishy) ball is used.

We will TRY to keep girls together by school grade given the December 31st cut off date can force them to a different division. At this level we TRY to place players on teams roughly grouped by elementary school. Mutual buddy requests are allowed (i.e. Libby H. requests to be on the same team as Megan L. AND Megan L. requests to be on the same team with Libby H.). Team formation will be determined by: mutual buddy requests, coaching considerations (manager and assistant coaches), Preferred Practice days, elementary school, and non-mutual buddy requests in that order.

  • AGE: Your child should be 5 years old by December 31, 2023 to participate. Most girls who play T-Ball / A Softball are kindergarteners and 1st graders.
  • TEAMS: Teams will be limited to seven players. This will keep the children more involved (nothing happens in the outfield at this level) and allow them to play a variety of positions. With smaller size teams each player will get more instruction from coaches. However we will need more volunteer managers and coaches.
  • PRACTICES: Teams will generally practice twice a week in the preseason for an hour. During the regular season, teams will typically have two (2) softball “events” during the week, a weekday practice and a weekend game.
  • GAMES: Teams will play approximately 8 games during the regular season, depending on scheduling considerations and weather. Outs are not recorded, and every child plays on both offense and defense in every inning.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Parent participation is necessary on many levels from Coaching, Field Preparation, Team parent, etc.
  • FEE: $99. There is a family cap of $500. Financial aid is available upon request

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